About us

Not just an agency but a valuable all around consultancy

A dynamic and efficient structure is what is needed nowadays to manage and valorise the resources.

Whit this motivation and dynamism based on exclusive experience made in Italy as well as abroad,Mario De Vizio with his company De Vizio Real Estate offers a valuable and effective support to all persons interested in real estate investments.
Either for building, buying or just renovating a property, thanks to a vast and established network, De Vizio Real Estate is your ideal partner, who is able to guarantee seriousness and competence within the variouse areas of the real estate market. De Vizio Real Estate operates within property market, offering a complete assistance within the complex local bureaucracy. The partnership whit comanies operating in the financial sector allows fast, flexible and customer specific solutions.


The care of our customers is the main focus of our whole activity.
To understand the needs, the taste and most appropriate proposal. The selection of a property is a complex and demanding process and therefore it must be supervised at each stage. We want to offer to our customers the tranquillity and ease to have at any time a clear and alla round picture of all operations, from the currrent real estate standards to the financial issues.


In order to comply with customer’ s requirements, De Vizio Real Estate invests continuously in its own organisation, guaranteeing:

  • Experienced and up-to-date business partners .
  • Utilisation of state-of-the-art communicatione instruments.
  • Continuous information and status report to customers through a protected website.

Values & Benefit

Why you should select De Vizio Real Estate?
Years of experience made Mario De Vizio an estimeted and accredited expert. Discretion, honesty and competence as well as the profound knoledge of the complex procedures in the specific Italian real estate market are some of the strength of De Vizio Real Estate. A strict focus on skilled, discrete and reliable personnel and supplier network s is another big plus you can rely on.

Activity & services

Intermediation residential sector:

  • purchase, sale and rent of single apartment or apartment buildings
  • parcel of land, ruraland agricolture properties
  • valuations
  • administration and maintenance

Intermediation commercial sector:

  • purchase and cession of commercial buildings, shops, companies
  • property rent for companies & business organisatione

Additional services:

  • mortgages and financing
  • cadastral papers
  • notarial assistance
  • urban research and inspection
  • document registrations
  • property maintenance and renovationInizio modulo